About US

OZDOBA CZ company is a family business, where tradition of the manufacture of glass ornaments is passed on from generation to generation.The founder of the family tradition was tradesman Václav Berger from Bílá Třemešná. At first, he worked as a factor buying and selling glass beads. When production of pearls was due to the economic crisis and the undercutting pushed out of the market, he took the opportunity in the emerging thin-walled blown glass craft - Christmas decorations. This glass industry experienced a great boom in the Czech lands and the products were exported to all over the world. Within a few years, he and some of his sons built a manufacturing plant in White Třemešná and the village of Trotinka. Their business flourished until 1948, when the entire company, including private villas and other property were nationalized and incorporated into the newly established national company Glass Jewellery in Jablonec nad Nisou.

Only Vaclav Berger`s great-grandchildren could continue the family tradition and revive the family business. In 1991 Mrs. Miroslava and Miloš Jukl decided to do so. They started from the very beginning and in a small volume. But since there is a demand for Christmas decorations in the market, they soon bought a new plant in Dvůr Králové nad Labem and gave their company a name Ozdoba CZ.  There, hand-made glass decorations are created with the use of the century-old techniques of mouth blowing.

Old Christmas ornaments