Excursions to the production of Christmas decorations

For you who want to know how Christmas decorations are blowing, silvering, painting and decorating, we organize excursions to production. You can then choose and buy the most beautiful Christmas decorations in our shop at discounted prices. Book your excursions to Christmas decorations using the form.


Excursions by Christmas decorations take place on weekdays from 9:30 to 11:30. The entire tour with expert commentary takes 30 minutes.

  • Small groups up to 15 people

    30,- Kč per person
    It is not necessary to book in advance.
  • Groups of over 15 people - need to book in advance

    30,- Kč per person
    Thanks to the small spaces in some parts of the facility, we share larger groups.
  • Nurseries, schools, clubs - must be booked in advance

    30,- Kč per person
    Multiple classes are required to divide into two or more groups due to small spaces in some parts of the establishment. Please ask the children to be selected by pedagogical supervision in advance. Every child then receives a small gift (pedagogical supervision free of charge).

Make reservations using the form or contact:


  • Tel: + 420 720 970 297
  • E-mail: martin@ozdobacz.cz